"They are the best! We have been clients for 30 years and have received compassion and excellent care for all of our furry family. This practice goes the extra mile for both clients and pets. They understand that many of us feel our pets are part of the family and treat the whole family."

- Jeannine U.
"As one of the founders of Big Hair Animal Rescue I can honestly say that we would not be able to do what we do without the help we have generously received from Sturbridge Veterinary Hospital. We have taken in close to 100 cats and dogs within the last year and Sturbridge vet has treated over 50 of our adoptable cats and dogs, due to this I am typically there once a week. The staff here is professional, caring, knowledgeable and accommodating. They truly care and it shows through their work and partnership with rescues like ours."

- Jessica A.
"The staff at the Sturbridge Vet Hospital are amazing. I brought my dog in for an appointment last week and there is absolutely nothing that the Sturbridge Vet Hospital team could have done to make our visit any better. From the moment we walked in, to the moment we left, the staff couldn't have shown more care and concern for either of us. My friends from out of town will share stories about how their dogs are afraid to go to their vet, and I always tell them it's time to switch vets and start taking their pets to the Sturbridge Vet Hospital. My pup was so happy to see everyone, and everyone seemed genuinely happy to see her. Our visit was complete confirmation of how much love and attention she always receives whenever she is there. I've taken my dogs to the Sturbridge Vet Hospital for almost 40 years and always will. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have such an amazing group of people taking care of my pup. I recommend SVH to every pet owner I know and always will.."

- C. P.
"The staff at Sturbridge Vet are professional and compassionate. Dr Mak is amazing. He cared for our Golden retriever for her entire life. She had a very rare disease and he was one the only vets familiar with it. When we had to put her to sleep, after exhausting all efforts, he was as upset as we were. He has a great heart. Our other 4 dogs go there now, and I would never trust anyone more. They are all wonderful."

- Tracey N.
"I've been taking Buddy here since he was 8 weeks old in 2005. Dr. Maketansky has looked after him for nearly 11 years now, and he and the excellent and incredibly caring and knowledgeable staff at Sturbridge Veterinary Hospital are a large part of the reason that he is such a healthy and happy dog. I strongly recommend SVH as an excellent center for pet health care."

- Jason C.
"I have two boxer dogs, Fred and Ethel. Everyone at Sturbridge Vet treats my dogs like their own family. Always a big hello and true concern for them. Fred has had two ACL surgeries, Ethel has had one. I couldn't be happier with the results. I love this place!! Don't know what I'd do without them. My dogs never have any fear of going and are treated with love and kindness. It really is an amazing place!!!"

- Jean J.
"The staff here take outstanding care of my personal pets and the revolving collection of foster animals. They've been with me through births and deaths and hellacious rescues and everything in between. The care they provide is top-notch and tailored to the animal's stage of life. They take the time to explain all the options as well as the financial and long-term implications. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

- Darcie C.
"We've been with the practice since 1995. Love the compassionate care our animals have always received. From the front desk to the techs to the doctors, everyone has been kind and caring in the best and worst of times. I guess that's why we've stayed so long."

​​​​​​​- Tracie P.
"Just love the staff/vets here. They treat my Sophie with kindness and respect. Thank you for being so amazing!"

​​​​​​​- Lo R.